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Post by DRock82 on Tue May 24, 2016 9:37 pm

Here at The Vestibule I am confident that we can get along without any REAL or SERIOUS problems. Therefore the rules here will be very basic and to the point. DON'T MAKE ME PULL THIS CAR OVER!

Pretty much anything goes here. You will not be moderated or punished for simple things like double posting (Accidental double threads will be deleted though) or using naughty words.

If members get into little arguments or tiffs and a few insults are thrown around, they will not be moderated or punished for that either. Said arguments will eventually work their course and will fade away. This forum will however, enable a sort of self moderation, I.E. if you absolutely can't stand a member and wish to ignore them and/or not see their posts or allow them to PM you, you can always add them to your foes list and it will magically be like they aren't even here!

Posting links to other sites, sharing info, etc... will also be allowed.

The ONLY things that will be moderable offenses and will need to be dealt with are things truly detrimental to the forum itself that have no other option to work out other than my intervention.

I, as the owner/admin of this site however, reserve the right to ban/kick out members who join that I personally don't like or that I know will only join JUST to CONSTANTLY troll and harass 24/7 with every post. Arguments and insults may break out from time to time, but there is a difference between heated arguments and fights over a specific subject and someone joining just to bust balls all day! May seem a bit hypocritical to some, but that is one of the perks of being the owner of this place, right? DAMN RIGHT!!!

Reporting Detrimental Occurrences

If you feel that someone has caused an issue that will be detrimental to the forum as a whole, please report them and their activity directly to me:

- DRock82

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